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Featured Birds Online Catalogs


Supplies for birds and feed keep feathered friends happy

Whether you own an exotic collection of birds or just one beloved parakeet, you're going to need a dependable source for bird supplies. In these online catalogs, you can browse through an amazing collection of supplies for birds that include everything you need to make your feathered friend happy.


Don't settle for expensive pet stores that offer puny selections! Shop online catalogs that offer bird cages that are as ornate and beautiful as they are comfortable! Whether you own a large or small bird, you can find a cage that not only suits your bird, but it can suit your decor as well! Supplies for birds can get expensive. Whether you're in need of cleaning materials or feed for birds, you're certain to find everything you need to keep your little birdie comfortable, clean and healthy. Unfortunately, many local pet stores don't carry a large variety of supplies for birds. Don't spend a whole day running across town from pet store to pet store looking for treats, toys and feed for birds. Find all the supplies you'll ever need for your birds in one convenient location! With easy to use online catalogs, you can order a number of unique, must have supplies for birds and have them delivered directly to your door!


I wanted to give my cockatiel a more spacious cage, but I couldn't afford to spend a lot. Luckily for little Lucy, I found an amazing deal on a nice, large cage that looks great in my living room.

- Sharon, Buffalo, NY.

My canaries absolutely love the treats I get from online catalogs.

- Jennifer, Jackson, MS.

Buying food and supplies for four birds isn't as expensive since I started using online catalogs.

- Lawrence, Hershey, PA.

Tip: Bird Care and Maintenance

If you're thinking about purchasing a bird, remember that small birds need minimal care, but large birds such as parrots and cockatoos require a great deal of attention and maintenance.


_____ are the most popular avian species kept as household pets.

What are Budgies?

Tip: Cage Environment

Line the bottom of your bird's cage with plain paper or cut paper bags instead of newspaper since some ink may be toxic or soy-based. Change your bird's cage paper daily.