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Spirtual and new age gifts, books, and other relaxation products

Relax and unwind with spirituality products ordered directly from online catalogs. Spiritual books, relaxation products, and items for the home make the perfect gift for those interested in spiritual healing and new age techniques.


Spiritual healing and new age wisdom are a great way to enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle. Shop dozens of books on the subject to learn how to refresh your mind and your body and enjoy a heightened sense of spirituality.  Our online catalogs offer a variety of aromatherapy products designed to help you enjoy a peaceful meditation experience. You'll also find jewelry gifts including aromatherapy jewelry and Chakra jewelry. Our catalogs even carry yoga-related products for anyone interested in yoga techniques. You'll find yoga products as well as spiritual gifts and instructional books and DVDs to save you the time and money involved with joining a gym. Many online catalogs carry items catered specifically to astrology. Read the meanings behind birthdays and their correlation to star formations with astrological books, jewelry, gifts, and more. You can even learn about different religions through new age spirituality books and books on religions throughout the world.



I think these yoga books are fascinating.

- Tamar, Denver, CO.

The gifts on here are great. Keep bringing me more online catalogs!

-Marvin, Colombus, OH.

Meditation is a great way to get in tune with your body. These products are wonderful.

- Melanie, Sacramento, CA.


Tip: Meditation Food

Certain foods can be more helpful in achieving a healthy meditative state. However, no matter what foods you consume, it is never a good idea to meditate on a full stomach. Meditating in the morning before eating is a great way to start the day.

Tip: Positive Thinking

The most important part of learning about spirituality and relaxation is to think positive. There is no book available that will help you overcome what is already in your own head. Thinking positive is the first step to meditation and other relaxation techniques.

Tip: Stress management

Dealing with stress can be difficult. It may be a good idea to grab a pen and a piece of paper and actually write down the things that are bothering you. After you write down the things that are worrying you and then take a second to think about what you can and can't take action on. This will help relieve the tension and relax your mind.