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Tip: Schedule play dates before your kid can play

Interacting with other children is an important part of learning, even from an early age. Take your baby to the park and let them sit with other babies and watch older kids play. Just being around that kind of interaction will ensure your child is not shy when they are ready to play.

Tip: Don't throw away the baby's crib

When your child graduates to kid's furniture, they will probably be excited about growing up but still feel slightly uncomfortable with the idea of not feeling protected in the crib. Keep the crib in the room for a few months so that the child still has it there "if they need it". Eventually they will not want to use it. Also, keep in mind if there are plans for babies in the future. It may be worth it to keep it around until then.

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Shopping for a newborn baby can be time consuming. You'll find everything you need for your baby all in one place including cribs, strollers, toys and baby clothes. Shop online to find personalized baby gifts that will be shipped directly to the recipient’s door. If you're expecting, you'll find all the essentials to create a beautiful nursery.  Our online catalogs carry baby furniture and accessories that will create a warm and comforting space for your new baby. You'll even find a large selection of kid's clothing including sleepwear, activewear, and casual outfits. You’ll find baby and kid’s dress clothing for holidays or special occasions. Older children can enjoy games and toys that are designed to enhance learning and keep kids entertained at the same time. Our online catalogs even carry unique and personalized baby gifts for new parents. Parenting can be difficult; but you can shop for books on parenting as well as discount children's books through online catalogs.


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Tip: Make your own baby mobile

Babies learn by the things they see and hear and no baby's furniture set is complete without a mobile. Since your child will be spending so much time staring at the mobile, it may be a good idea to create your own using family photos. This will also help the child from crying when they are picked up by a distant relative.