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Prepared Meals

Featured Prepared Meals Online Catalogs


Gourmet prepared food is the perfect way to have a gourmet dinner

Whether you're a busy, working mom on the go or a bachelor who doesn't know how to boil water, gourmet prepared food is the perfect way to have a delicious, healthy meal. Today, millions of Americans aren't eating what they should. Instead of a healthy, well rounded meal of one meat, one starch and one vegetable, we're all settling for a number five on the value menu! Greasy fast food is causing all sorts of weight gain and health problems for American families, but it doesn't have to be dinner for your brood!


Gourmet prepared food from online catalogs offers a quick, healthy alternative for families of any size and taste preference! With online catalogs, you can browse gourmet prepared food that will arrive to your door frozen fresh to ensure that your family is not only receiving the important benefits of a healthy, well balanced meal, but they're enjoying the taste too! From hearty steak dinners to delicious seafood meals, you're certain to find gourmet prepared food that the entire family will enjoy night after night! For many American families, cooking is too time consuming! Between both parents working, karate lessons and band recitals, most modern families just don't have time to make a home made meal from scratch. That's where gourmet prepared food comes in! You can make sure your family gets a delicious, gourmet meal that comes complete with veggies, starches and protein that your family will love!


Prepared gourmet foods helped me throw an amazing dinner party

- Sheryl, Cleveland, OH.

My husband and I both hold down full time jobs and we have three kids to look after. By the time we all get home, no one has time to peel potatoes or marinate chicken, but we don't want the kids eating greasy fast foods. The prepared meals offered in these online catalogs keeps my family healthy and full!

- Daphne, Portland, OR.

Unfortunately, I'm not the handiest in the kitchen, so I do a lot of eating out. These awesome meals have saved me a ton of money AND made me look good in front of dates!

- Raymond, Long Island, NY.


Did You Know?

A study conducted showed that less than half of all Americans ate their daily recommended amount of food and vegetables.

Tip: Eat More (Often), Lose Weight

Eating several small, healthy meals a day can help boost your metabolism and keep you full while you lose weight! Skipping meals will only slow your metabolism and cause weight gain.

Fun Facts

The average fast food value meal can contain over 1000 calories and more than 1500 mg of sodium!