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Shop trendy clothes for teens in styles for both girls and boys

You'll find all the latest styles of teen clothing for young men and young women through online catalogs. Teens love our trendy designer fashion accessories and large selection of activewear, sleepwear, and dress clothing.


No matter what the occasion, you'll find a style that your teen will love. Shop our large selection of online catalogs to find fashion juniors clothing at prices that will please both teens and parents. Whether you're looking for the latest designer teen clothing for back-to-school or a nice outfit for a holiday or special occasion, our online stores will have just what your teen wants. The teenage years can be an overwhelming time for parents. Your kid's are coming into their own and want to dress like adults. However, you want to keep them in kid's clothes as long as possible. Our online stores have all the styles your kid's want that parents will approve of as well. You and your teens can shop our selection of school and casual clothing as well as dress clothing for special occasions. If your teen is active, you'll find sports clothing and activewear that will fit perfectly into their active lifestyle. You can also shop for backpacks, headbands, and all the essentials your teen will need for back-to-school. You'll also find fashion swimwear, shoes, and accessories that will keep your kids both stylish and practical while staying within parents' budgets.


My teen loves this site. It is a great activity for us to do together. We just sit down and flip through these catalogs. It's so much easier than fighting in the store.

- LeAnn, Tampa, FL.

Found trendy accessories as gifts for my daughter's birthday. She thinks she is so cool now!

-Carol, Baton Rouge, LA.

Very cool teen clothes.

-Tammy, Sussex, NJ.

Tip: Don't be scared when your teen asks to wear make-up

Many parents are easily frightened by the idea of their "baby" growing up and wanting to wear make-up for the first time. If your teen asks to wear make-up to compliment their trendy teen clothing, try starting out by limiting their make-up use to only two or three items per day. For example, they may wear lip-gloss and mascara one day or eye shadow and blush another day. This will keep your teen from going overboard and looking older than they really are while still allowing them to experiment.


Tip: Do your research when buying teen clothing

Chances are teens may ask for designer clothing brands with logos and names that you may have never even heard of. They also may ask for clothing associated with certain music bands. While it is great to let your child express themselves through their clothing, be sure to do your homework and make sure that the music bands or logos on your kid's clothing don't represent something offensive that may get them in trouble at school.


Tip: Know the rules at school for clothing

Ask your child's teacher or school administrator for a list of prohibited dress code items. When shopping for teen clothing, it is usually a good idea to not even buy clothes that don't fit into the dress code. If you must buy items like flip-flops or beach wear, make sure your child keeps these items in a separate place and knows that they are not allowed to be worn to school.